Saturday, 1 June 2019

Tips for Planning your Exhibition Space

Everybody wants to make their best impression when it comes to exhibition stands. You’re up against all kinds of big names at industry events and whether you stand out from the crowd or not, can simply come down to how well thought out your stand is. 

In this blog we will outline a few top tips to help you best plan and implement your exhibition stand.

Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and who your audience is
Whether you are launching a new product, attempting to find new clients, trying to spread the word or sell, sell, sell. Having a clear idea of what you want to achieve at the exhibition and what your overall message is going to be will make all the difference. Conveying your company’s values clearly will put you in a much better position when it comes to sales or leads. If you know your target audience you can focus on a concept that will communicate the most effective message and attract the right kind of potentially lucrative prospects. Keep your goals and audience in mind throughout the process and not only will you end up with a great looking stand but one that does the talking. 
Make the most of the space you have
Before you start planning your exhibition read your exhibitor pack carefully, confirming dimensions and any features of your allocated space. Your design and build team should aim to utilise the space fully ensuring visitors flow through the stand without being restricted. Minimise physical obstructions at points of entry and position meeting areas towards the back.

Consider different materials and lighting
Lighting can make the biggest difference on a stand. It can set the mood, create atmosphere and show products off at their best. Don’t just make do with standard venue lighting, add extra lighting, you could even mix it up with colours. Experimenting with materials and textures like high gloss surfaces, wood, glass and metal effects can help attract visitors and to emphasise your image. A combination of lighting, materials and colour can help to create an ambience that will make you stand out from the competition.
The taller the better
As well as making the most of your floor space you should take advantage of the vertical space. Although some events will have limitations on the height of stands it is worth checking the rules for yours. Larger venues with high ceilings will allow suspended banners and high signage, which will maximise your stands visibility and attract people to your stand from far-flung corners of the exhibition hall. Note: There is normally an extra cost for rigging needed and you may need to do an additional risk assessment.

Graphic impact - short but sweet
Keep text short and sweet on your printed graphics. Long sentences won’t provide any impact and will mostly likely be left unread. Make the text memorable and stick to key statements. A catchy tagline is a great way to grab attention and it gives visitors something to remember you by after the event. Stick to nice, easy to read fonts and position your text in the top half of your exhibition panels so that visitors, staff or furniture on the stand do not block it.

A picture is worth a thousand words
This is probably the most important of all. Your stand graphics will make the biggest impact and if you get it right, strong imagery will say more about your business than any amount of text. When it comes to impressions, the bigger the better too, but make sure the images you use are high resolution. Pixelated images will have the opposite effect and impact the overall feel. You can commission lifestyle photography if your company is product based or use suitable stock imagery.

Although there is a lot to think about when planning a stand it doesn’t have to be complicated. Think through the process. Who are you aiming to attract, what you are trying to say and what you want your stand to convey. Use impactful imagery, snappy text and make the most of the space you have.

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