Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Top Ten: Colour Palettes of 2017

2017 sees Pantone name their colour of the year as the vibrant and revitalising shade of green known as Greenery or Pantone 15-0343. With its cool, refreshing tone and spring-like feel, this yellow-green shade reinvigorates nature.

Representing new beginnings and vitality, this colour is universal. Present in nature around the world and encountered by most on a daily basis, our connection to nature is what grounds us when immersed in modern life.

With Greenery leading the way for 2017 our team at the New Fat have come up with our very own TOP TEN colour palettes.

Bearing in mind the current trend of nature and rejuvenation we have selected a range of colours that play on muted natural tones and paired them up with their vibrant counterparts and complimentary colours to create mini colour palettes. So in no particular order...

1. Sunny Yellow

These warm and sunny yellows evoke joy, happiness and warmth. A spontaneous colour it’s great for attracting attention. Inciting intelligence and youthfulness this is a perfect colour for energetic and fast paced brands. These shades work great with red, blues and greens.

2. Copper Tones

Coppery tones have been on the increase recently and we can see the rise continuing into 2017. With terra cotta undertones these warm, inviting earthy colours reflect strength and reliability. Great for reflecting a sense of loyalty and stability. 

3. Dusky Purple

A sophisticated pairing of purples adds a dusky vibe to our 2017 colour palette. Staying on the theme of warm and earthy these rich colours evoke a sense of luxury. An unusual take on the colour purple but we can see great potential in these rich shades.

4. Powdery Blue

These powder blue hues offer a soft feel and a fresh look. Signifying tranquillity and calm. Perfect for instilling a sense of trust. It’s a great middle-ground for purple and blue, projecting the best features of both colours. These blues have both composure and energy.

5. Deep Blue

A strong take on a mid-tone colour, these blues emit a sense of professionalism. Being slightly more masculine they promote strength. Although quite deep in colour these shades are great as a neutral base to pair with bright colours such as reds and yellows.

6. Sophisticated Teal

These marine shades feel sophisticated modern and summery. Teal is always a popular choice and this will continue into 2017 with a deeper, slightly muted twist. With the essence of the ocean behind them they add vibrancy and energy to any branding.

7. Fresh Green

This is our take on Pantones colour of the year, Greenery. With a stronger green undertone our shade still promotes freshness and growth but maintains an experienced feel. There are more shades of green than any other colour and these particular shades provide a great base palette.

8. Cool Green

Cool, calm, collected and up and coming. Spring has sprung with these greens. A fresh approach, these shades are both subtle and revitalising. Promoting a sense of lushness and vitality. A paler shade, these colours can still pack a punch when paired with blues or deep greens.  

9. Reddish Grey

A warm take on neutral these reddish greys are both classic and contemporary with a sense of reliability. More inviting than a typical cold grey these shades are comforting. Tertiary greys with a difference. For a colourful twist these shades make the perfect pairing with a powder blue or deep teal.

10. Earthy Grey

Whilst these colours may rarely standalone they work well as an addition to other colour palettes. Maintaining that earthiness they are a perfect compliment to other warming tones. Much like our reddish grey these shades represent longevity and diligence. A modern take on grey with the natural twist that 2017 is embracing.

So there is our TOP TEN colour palettes of 2017. A beautiful selection of varied shades that work well on their own or combined with other palettes in our countdown.