Stonebridge City Farm Corporate Guidelines

Stonebridge City Farm was set up to provide much needed green space in the heart of the city, achieving its own local identity. The farm is accessible to all, with gardens, and a café offering locally sourced produce, a farm shop and events and courses suitable for children and adults. The New Fat refreshed their logo and it was clear that some kind of brand document was needed to control both the internal and external use of the logo and supporting elements.

The Aim
The Stonebridge guidelines aim to create consistency and maintain a strong brand identity for the farm. Which includes their corporate font, application of the logo and the overall tone of voice for marketing communications.

Application and execution
Guidelines show how to successfully implement and effectively achieve a brand style. Whether they are being used by an employee, a member of your marketing team or a graphic designer, guidelines should be concise and informative.

A standard set would usually cover a brief overview of the company, minimum logo size and usage parameters, colour palettes and typography sets. More comprehensive guides will cover image styles, layouts and visual devices for brand documents and marketing peripherals. Along with templates and further information deemed important in achieving a strong sense and control of the brand.

The Stonebridge City Farm guidelines not only covered the basics of the brand but all the sub-brands within the farm, which are vital elements for the successful marketing of the whole customer experience - including the café, farm shop and special event schedule. It is important that the full set of logos are readable in all instances, so a minimum size was specified along with a set of rules for how the logos should sit alongside other elements – an essential consideration for any set of corporate guidelines.

To ensure consistency of brand colours, providing colour breakdowns for all of the core brand colours was crucial. Especially as colour was fundamental to highlighting sub-brands for Stonebridge. When it comes to guidelines, having a colour reference or name isn’t enough. CMYK, RGB and HTML/Hex references are a must have, especially if they are to be used in-house or by anybody who doesn’t have access to a Pantone book.

The result for Stonebridge
A comprehensive set of guidelines covering all the main areas of the brand creating cohesion between Stonebridge and the sub-brands within the farm. Allowing for consistency and continuity in the future.

“Fantastic, you are truly a star. Thank you so much. We think it looks fab. Great team effort, we couldn't have done it without you and your team.”

Farm Manager - Stonebridge City Farm

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