Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My Useful Guide: Understanding Large Format

When is comes to making a BIG impression large format graphics are a great way of drawing attention to your brand. Available in so many different guises, big really is beautiful!

Pop-ups, pull-ups, poster and signage, modular stands or bespoke exhibitions. What is the difference and what should you be considering when planning an exhibition?

Not to be confused with pop-ups, pull-ups are affordable and portable banners, most commonly 800mm wide x 2000mm high in size. Often printed onto a vinyl like material. These are the perfect choice for exhibitions, trade shows and smaller events. 

These are mid-sized portable display systems where graphic panels attach to a “pop up” frame. Often spanning 3 or more metres wide, these are ideal for creating a backdrop to your exhibition. Easy to set-up these come in a wheeled drum that converts easily into a freestanding counter. Pop-up stands are professional and great for bringing impact for a mid-size exhibition space.

Modular exhibition stands
Modular stands are made up of components that lock together creating a high impact stand but without the need of stand builders and power tools. This type of stand can be reconfigured to fit different exhibition spaces, giving you maximum flexibility. Graphic panels are attached with Velcro or magnets, tension fabric options are also available. Packing up is a two-man job and depending on the size of your configuration you can transport them in a car or small van.

Full custom stand build
Built to any specification or size, with unique design, technical elements such as audio and visual inputs, lighting and touch points, custom builds are by far the most professional looking and impressive type of stand available. Graphics will be made to measure and can be printed onto a range of materials such as, glass, fabric, Foamex, PVC and adhesive vinyl. A stand like this will require a professional stand builder to construct and dismantle. Standing out in a sea of stands within an exhibition is important. 

Creating a unique stand with eye-catching promotions, graphic elements and useful information can prove very worthwhile. Although expensive to install the results can prove to be incredibly beneficial. 

Why exhibit?
Exhibitions are a brilliant chance to showcase your business, your products, skills and services. Attended by people pursuing services within your industry, exhibitions and tradeshows are the perfect place to achieve face-to-face leads. Being able to demonstrate your products and services to a vast amount of people first hand has huge potential, allowing customers to involve themselves with your product, to see, hear and feel.

When it comes to preparing for an exhibition or tradeshow it is important to plan your stand with plenty of time. Read your exhibitor pack carefully early on, as it may include important deadlines especially for larger exhibits. Get a graphic designer/exhibition designer involved in the early stages and they will be able to help you with design and production of the stand.

Understand the size of your stand and the budget you have for the whole event. You don’t want to turn up with a couple of pull-up banners if you have the space for a high impact stand.

Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve at your tradeshow or exhibition:
• What message are you trying to get across about your company?
• Do you have a new product to launch?
• Who do you want to meet/attract to your stand?
• How are you going to capture and follow up those important leads?

Preparing for an exhibition doesn’t have to be complicated but it is important to think it through. With lots of experience in stand design and construction our professional team at The New Fat can help you through every stage of the planning and design of a professional exhibition. Have a look at our online portfolio or contact us for more information.