Thursday, 27 August 2020

Create branded presentations with Google Slides

With many of us working remotely, it’s never been more important for businesses to ensure everyone’s presentations are on brand. For lots of our clients, using professionally designed templates in the Google Slides program, has been the answer. The free web-based software, allows you to create presentations quickly and easily, using tailor-made slides. Perfect for saving time and an effective way of safeguarding brand guidelines.

Ensures Brand Consistency
Keeping corporate branding consistent can be difficult at the best of times, particularly in presentations where people often try to embellish their slides and stand out, ultimately struggling to keep messages on point. 

Although not as sophisticated as our usual design software – Google Slides can have custom designed templates tailored to your business, which can be enhanced with videos, drawings and animations while staying on brand. We can also take your existing PPT presentations and convert them into Google Slides, formatting them and adding imagery, while adapting them to your own branding.

Supports Co-editing 

The presentations are saved online within Google Drive so you can easily share your slides with others. Being able to edit the document in real time provides an opportunity for everyone to work on the same document at the same time (however not on the same page of the presentation). You decide who gets permission to edit, view or simply add comments.

Automatically saved on the cloud as you type, means the slides can be accessed wherever you are. No special software or subscription is needed and they easily work across PC’s, Mac’s, mobiles and tablets. Best of all it’s free! You can use the Google Drive space to store and create master presentation documents up to 15GB without it costing you anything at all.

User Friendly
Whether creating client facing presentations or simple documents purely for internal use, it’s always important to stick to brand identity guidelines. Templated slides make this easy and are extremely versatile no matter how you intend to use them. Your presentation can be imported as PowerPoint, yet your final document can be exported in different file types such as jpg or pdf. When it comes to giving your presentation it couldn’t be easier as the slides support wireless presenting with Chromecast, AirPlay and Hangouts. 

Time Saving 
Predesigned templates not only protect your all-important brand messaging, they significantly save time when preparing documents. No one is left wondering which font style has been approved, where the company logo should be placed or where the latest version is saved. The laboursaving templates are ready to go, easily editable and stored in a central location.

Being able to easily access the slides online, also removes the need to send documents back and forward between colleagues. There’s no need to worry about attaching large files or delays in receiving emails. By simply allowing access online, it saves time and boosts productivity.

More Information
If you’d like help creating your own professional templates which are easy to use and ensure your branding always remains consistent, give The New Fat design team a call on 0370 334 1598 or email We’d love to help you simplify your presentations and create efficient systems for you and your team.