DEWALT Kevlar Crossfire X-ray Advert

The Brief
To come up with an A4 advert which highlighted the use of Kevlar fabric within their new boot - The Crossfire Mid - which is designed and made by DEWALT® - one of the worlds leading brands for power tools and clothing for the construction and manufacturing industries. 

Kevlar® is a high-strength synthetic fibre which is strong, lightweight yet flexible. A well known component in military combat armour - designed to protect the users from cuts, abrasions, chemicals and heat. These new boots by DEWALT are perfect for industrial use - 15 times more abrasion resistant that standard fabric uppers.

Our task was to visually communicate the Kevlar benefits within the strong DEWALT brand guidelines, using their core frame work, colours and fonts.

The Concept
From the outside these boots looks like any other workboots, but the fabric composition is so much more. We focused on the structure of the boots upper material with the concept evolving around the idea of looking inside the material, hence the x-ray - showing off the strength and technical nature of this impressive fabric.

The X-ray gives the impression this boot is strong, creating an armour around the foot providing protection and flexability when needed. Having the outlines of the shoe overlaying the x-ray gives a technical feel and highlights design features. It’s more than just a boot - Serious protection for your feet, especially designed for the trade.

Framed by the iconic DEWALT yellow the advert is pulled into line with the strong brand style. Coupled with the bold typeface and the recognisable ‘guaranteed tough’ tag line the advert takes shape, representing the rugged style associated with the brand.

End Result

This advert was used successfully published in brochures, magazines and reproduced for an exhibition stand.

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