Thursday, 1 September 2016

My Useful Guide: Professional Advertising

Advertising is everywhere. Whether it’s social media, glossy mags, billboards or bus shelters we are bombarded everyday with punchy imagery and catchy straplines, so not surprising many go unnoticed.

Adverts come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Covered by two categories, print and digital. Some go for shock tactics, others go for humour, some just state the facts and get straight to the point. 

But what makes a great advert great? 

Connect with your audience
Firstly your advert needs to connect with the right audience. It has to spark and intrigue and give them reason to stop and look. With just seconds to make an impression, a strong and engaging concept is a must.

Coherent text and bold headlines
The wording is important if you are going to successfully get your point across but a catchy headline is what’s going to draw in the audience and keep them interested. In a glance the audience needs to know what the advert is about and why they should be interested. Keep it short and sweet and stick to the important details. 

Memorable and recognisable
Gone but not forgotten is the aim. Not everybody will be in a position to act upon the advert immediately, so having a memorable advert which mirrors your brand style is important if it’s going to turn into sales. Some people may not even think twice at the time of seeing the advert, but make it memorable enough and they could be coming back to you when the time is right. 

Creative campaigns
An advert should be creative, appealing and original to hold the attention of the audience. Boost your brand awareness by designing a full campaign with a series of adverts that coincide and compliment each other. Make the most of printed and online adverts, depending on your audience.

A call to action
Give your audience something to act on. Provide a source of further information such as a web address, social media or phone number. This means that you can keep your content to a minimum on the ad but still offer the information they need online or by phone. Including your logo helps with association and acts as a visual aid.

Less is always more
Don’t clutter the ad, keep it clean and simple. Focused on the task in-hand. Think of it like the tea tray game we all played as a kid at parties. The more objects on the tray the harder it was to remember the trinket once it had gone. Adverts are similar, the fewer elements on the ad the easier it will be to remember the important details.

With a print ad you can afford finer details but with a digital ad it’s more important then ever to keep it minimal.  

Digital adverts are sneaking their way into our social media feeds and appearing at the side of websites, more and more. Printed adverts are as popular as always with magazines full of them. So what are the advantages of advertising?

It strengthens your brand
Establishing a recognisable and trustworthy brand can be achieved through advertising - using the same adverts can amplify this effect. How often do you see the same advert from the same brand but in a different location. Repeating an ad can reiterate its value and show that you have real faith in the product or service.

It spreads the word
Adding reputability and creating recognition. Whilst establishing awareness for a particular product or service you are also achieving awareness for everything else you do. Spreading the word far and wide - creating the potential for attracting new customers.

Target customers directly
By investing in advertising space in a magazine, catalogue or brochure within your industry means you can target you clients directly. Also using specific content within your ad can attract your target audience and help to establish a connection. Targeted ads are becoming more apparent online. Ever noticed how adverts appear related to your latest Google search? 

Advertising is a great tool for any business and can prove effective in more ways then one.

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