Apache Advertising Campaign

This months sees another great case study for Apache Workwear. This time looking at their advertising campaign for a trade magazine that saw The New Fat conceptualise, style, art direct and design five individual adverts as part of a campaign to promote the brand.

The client
Apache Industrial Workwear is a company that specialises in footwear and clothing for tradesmen. Developing hardwearing and technical workwear that is both stylish and fit for purpose.

The brief
To devise a set of adverts for Apaches new range of workwear that highlighted key product features and technical details, whilst still remaining fun, young and quirky. Aimed at their target audience of 20 – 30 year old male trade professionals, the campaign was to be featured in the magazine - Professional Builder.

The design process
Our role was to design the whole campaign from beginning to end. Starting with initial research and idea generation, we explored existing campaigns and developed the main concept that would run throughout the series of ads. 

Copywriting was the next stage. With double entendres highlighting the product features and our underlying theme of ‘ladies man with style’, it was our teams job to produce bold straplines that would gather attention from the target audience.

As well as designing the campaign, models were sourced, locations were scouted, props were gathered and outfits were styled in-house by The New Fat. Having conceptualised and mocked up the various ads for the campaign, art direction was also undertaken by The New Fat. 

Once the photoshoot was complete it was time for ads to be constructed using the straplines and the newly shot images. The images were retouched making sure they were perfect and enhanced to give them an edgy look. Using the Apache colours and graphic elements reinforced the brand style and created the connection between all five adverts.

The outcome
For this campaign it was important to keep in mind the target audience, achieving a youthful and humorous campaign whilst still highlighting the technical details and the products featured in each ad. The campaign is clean and to the point, but a pop of colour makes for eye-catching imagery with a side of cheekiness.

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