Monday, 1 February 2016

My Useful Guide: Understanding Logo Design

Quite often beautifully simple logos are the best at communicating the most - Getting it right is important

The Amazon logo: a basic font, plain colours and a simple arrow - not much to it! Well, that primitive arrow actually tells us quite a lot. 

We all know Amazon as a vast company that sells pretty much everything and thats exactly what that arrow is eluding to . . . they stock everything from A to Z it even makes the logo smile. Clever eh?! 

FedEx: have you ever noticed the little arrow in the negative space between the E and the X? They are quite literally going places - proof that simplicity is quite often key.

Logos are the first form of communication for a business and say a lot about who you are and what you represent - they are an important glimpse into a companies personality! Its crucial that your logo projects the right image for your business with maximum effect and minimal fuss.

Important questions you need to be asking yourself about your logo?

What do you want to say about you as a business? Are you fun with a quirky edge, professional and to the point, are you long established with years of experience?

It’s important to think about the kind of audience / industry you are hoping to attract? Young, old? Males, females? Couples, families, individuals? Maybe you want to attract frivolous people with cash to splash, or those looking for high quality but at a great price. There is a huge number of potential clients out there - you need to decide which of them you want to target. 

Are there any particular colours you want to use? Colours are great for expressing emotions and targeting that key audience, as well as helping people to identify you in a sea of competitors.

How are you going to use your logo, where will it be seen, what will it sit with? Does it need to work in its entirety or does it need to be identifiable by just an icon?

There is a number of things to think about and this is purely a starting point, if you want to find out more about commissioning a logo design we have a brilliant pdf you can download that is filled with useful information. Or take a look at this months case study.

Choosing a logo shouldn’t be stressful, it should be a fun experience and we are a team of designers with years of expertise - ready to help. Whether you have a basic brief or a specific concept we can help you realise ideas or show you a number of unique logo possibilities.

Why not have a look at some logos we have designed. For more information and to speak to the studio why not give us a call.