Viva Vacations Branding

The Brief
Design a new corporate logo and brand style for Viva Vacations - an independent travel agency who put together fabulous trips for couples, newlyweds, families and all other types of traveller. Whether it’s for an adventure holiday, city, beach, skiing or anything in between.

A new brand style
Fairly upmarket, modern, fresh with lots of experience and professionalism. As a new business, with no previous brand style we were free to experiment with a number of ideas. We researched other travel agents and holiday services, investigated fonts to get a good feel for the market. One request from the client - emphasise the ‘Viva’ rather than the ‘Vacations’.

Design options
We proofed around eight different concepts for the new logo – using a range of colour palettes and graphical icons. A sub brand logo was also suggested for each option, which can be used in marketing material for a specific type of holiday.

The client opted for a smart logo utilising a contemporary sans serif with an energetic font with a handwritten feel. A rich deep purple offsets a classic grey to give a sense of sophistication and emphasises their professionalism.

Marketing Material
We produced some professional business stationery including a business card, letterhead and envelope. For client holiday presentations we developed a PowerPoint template with associated graphics – keeping everything on brand.

An A4 mini guide template was created too. With each holiday being personalised it was important that the mini guide is editable, allowing Viva Vacations to swap and change the text/content and map to specific client wishes. Viva can edit all of their clients holiday details, print it out and fold down to an A7 handy pocket size. The guide features useful information separated into headings such as, ‘booking details’, ‘ on arrival’, ‘meeting the locals’ and ‘exchange rates’.

For any business, keeping the brand consistent is important. Stick to a theme. With Viva we used the brand colours, fonts and the same graphic components across all the elements of the project. Imagery helps to tie in the brand too. Bold and colourful photographs set the scene and graphic icons help pull the Viva brand style together.

Absolutely love it! Fits our brief perfectly. Thank you team.Viva Vacations

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