Rose Tinted Workshops - Bespoke Leaflet

We took on a project for Rose Tinted Workshops that involved designing and printing a promotional leaflet for their jewellery making classes and events.

As with all design projects, keeping the brand consistent is important. In this case we used the brand pinks and purples to create a vibrant and colourful leaflet perfect for catching the eye of their target market. A pretty bead detail adds a nice touch that links back to the creative nature of the workshops.

During the development stages of the Rose Tinted Workshops project the format changed from a regular rectangular postcard to a bespoke circular leaflet. Adding a unique finishing touch such as a custom cutter is great for helping your promotional leaflets stand out. For this particular leaflet an additional cut out hole allowed for beads to be strung and threaded through. This enabled the leaflet to be hung in decorative and interesting ways. Combining their specialism of jewellery with their marketing material in this way created an intriguing marketing tool that a regular leaflet might not have achieved.

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