Typographic Gifts

This months case study looks at a project for Mothers Day gifts. The New Fat were given the task of creating a range of designs suitable for prints, canvases and cushions. Nice typography was key in this project, not only to enhance the designs but to also spread the love on Mothers Day and highlighting personalised messages to loved ones.

The Process 
The first stage of this project was to explore different styles of fonts. We needed a range of typefaces suitable for a variety of different designs which would work together but also be strong enough to stand alone. With the target audience being mums and grandmothers of all ages the fonts also needed to suite a diverse range of people. 

Exploring our stockpile of fonts and various online sources we quickly gathered an interesting array covering a range of serif, sans serif, decorative and contemporary.

The next stage was to start the visuals. Pairing up fonts with warming, feminine colours and simple but beautiful imagery and graphic elements, we explored a number of designs. Some simple but effective, others more elaborate but elegant.

The Outcome
A set of colourful designs suitable for prints, canvases and cushions perfect for a Mothers Day gift. Whether for a Mum, Grandmother, or close female relative or friend each design could be customised online to suite the recipient. Typography and graphic elements proved to be the perfect combination to create uplifting and fun gifts. With each font providing its own personality and style we created a set of designs perfect for the wide ranging target audience.

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